Hello Planet Ubuntu!

I have always been a fan of planet ubuntu ever since it started (a little more than a year now). I am an addicted reader. Now, It is very surreal to be writing. I guess it just goes to show how accessible and how helpful the ubuntu community is. it’s all about ALL OF US growing together. giving eachother a hand … instead of holding a hand that pushes you down.

A little about myself:

You could say I am a ubuntu-generation linux user from Venezuela. I have been using ubuntu since the Hoary days. and I can only look back an see how far ubuntu has come :D. I am an EFL teacher by day and Ubuntu LoCo enthusiast by night :D. I am the always friendly effie_jayx on the #ubuntu channels on IRC (FREENODE)

Big thanks to the almighty elkbuntu, Hobbsee, rolando-ve, Javamaniac, WRATHCHILD, Seveas, Jenda, Ogmaciel , nixternal, JanC, and to the Whole Planet…

all of the Inspiration in your previous post made this Venezuelan get the Ubuntu Feeling right.

This post is for you…


About effiejayx

Ubuntu enthusiast... need I say more? :)
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5 Responses to Hello Planet Ubuntu!

  1. nixternal says:

    EFFIE!!!!! Welcome to the planet! Enjoy your time…oh and get back to hacking 🙂

    P.S.: No need to thank me, you proved yourself on your own, great job and congrats!

  2. Gerardo Campos says:

    epale. vi tu mensaje y queria preguntarte como se mueve Ubuntu en Vzla. Soy un newbie tratando de meterse en la candela con Ubuntu y estare regresando al pais (aunque no en el mejor momento) en los proximos meses y me gustaria si pudieras darme algunos pointers de por donde o con quien se puede chequear esto en Vzla.



  3. effiejayx says:

    Gerardo you can try.. #ubuntu-ve on IRC (freenode)… try also http://www.ubuntu-ve.org... we have a great group of people there waiting for you in Venezuela…

    Cheers brother…

    P.S. what part of Venezuela are you from

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