Software Freedom Day Love…

To Join the voices of Sridhar , Mako and Fabián as we are 3 days away:

Software Freedom Day Coming to my town (Maracaibo, Venezuela)

An probably to one near you

Here is a little HOWTO:



  • a PC and printer
  • Craft Paper (or any kind of paper)
  • Crayons (or Water paint or even chalk)
  • Glue sticks
  • Scissors


  1. Download the font
  2. Open your preferred Word Processor and type the letters you need for the banner, use font size 800 (one letter per page).
  3. Print the letters
  4. Optional, Should you need bigger size letters you can try to fit the letters into a legal size paper using a Photocopier (Xerox machine)
  5. Color the paper you will be using for background
  6. Cut the letters

Your banner should look like this

  1. Glue the letters to the background

And take it to your Software Freedom Day event 😀

To all SFD teams… Let kick it !!!

PS: if there is nothing happening for software freedom day in your city. please consider starting a team next year :D.

About effiejayx

Ubuntu enthusiast... need I say more? :)
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2 Responses to Software Freedom Day Love…

  1. And while you’r at it, screw up the y in day…SCR 🙂
    Have fun and may all visitors cheer as enthusiastic as your daugther (assumption) does!


  2. effiejayx says:

    Hey Florian:

    Yes, That’s my little one :D. The Y comes out like that… it is the font. and the angle doesn’t help either…

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