My Journey to MOTU…

That’s it. I am headed to MOTU land. I find MOTU a very interesting contribution and there’s never been a better time to contribute. It is eveyone’s chance to give back to ubuntu. I open my road to MOTU to anyone that wants to come along, anyone that wishes to give me a few pointers on how to do things. I am a man on a mission, reach MOTUness…

I have laid out my study plan. Two or Three Hours a day should help me get in shape for more regular MOTU action. please have a look, feel free to make suggestions to my plan right there in the wiki, the idea is to balance it a bit. pick it up and make t your own. design your MOTU ROAD MAP TODAY

Thanks for your support



About effiejayx

Ubuntu enthusiast... need I say more? :)
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4 Responses to My Journey to MOTU…

  1. Great idea to put together a schedule!

    I’m myself on the road to MOTUness, see you there.. 🙂

  2. Kevin Mark says:

    Cool idea. Making any task into smaller ones makes it more manageable and less scary. Seems like other folks considering MOTUness might want to use this as a template, maybe a wiki-template?

  3. I’m thrilled to see this! Keep up the great work and see you soon in #ubuntu-motu 🙂

  4. Jono says:

    This is great – I look forward to following your progress. 🙂


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