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Students present FOSS to their community

A couple of weeks ago I attended this University fair like event called Expotecnología at Jose Gregorio Hernandez University, Maracaibo Venezuela (Sorry for not posting before but had no pics to show :S) . This is an event organized by … Continue reading

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Expotecnología Talks: I faced proprietary software

The talks at Expotecnología par II were all very appealing to students. the guys from the Microsoft Professional Community kicked off the event and they had a nice show off of their latest and greatest in the programing and now … Continue reading

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What do you mean by re-schedule that LoCo meeting?

How do you know SUPER BOWL is a big event? answer: When you call for a Ubuntu-ve LoCo meeting and people say… “WHAAAaaat, are you nuts dude… IT’s SUPER BOWL SUNDAY… 😛 Wow.. I didn’t know American Football was so … Continue reading

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NOKIA compra TROLLTECH . Una movida que busca apoyar la visión de TROLLTECH de llevar QT a cualquier ambiente. Esta adquicision tambien le permitira a NOKIA acelerar la estreategia de software multiplataforma para equipos mobiles y apliaciones desktop. NOKIA se … Continue reading

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… ¡_Nosotros_ contra el Software Propietario!: Round 1 Patentes…

  En el marco de la III Expotecnología en la Universidad Jose Gregorio Hernandez (Maracaibo). Tuve la oportunidad de participar en un foro donde el software “privativo” encontraba con el software libre. No voy a entrar en detalles con lo … Continue reading

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Amos del Universo: MOTU in spanish!

I decided togive a litle introductory talk to jump start some enthusiasts. The guys at ubuntu-es where nice enough to let me use their IRC talk project. C.U.P.I.E. QUE: Charla Introductoria MOTU CUANDO: mañana, 17 de enero HORA: 16:00 UTC … Continue reading

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I face Microsoft

Tomorrow, I’ll be attending a university tecnological fair were Free and Open Source Software reps will share a panel with a Propietary Software reps, a Microsoft guy (not really sure if he is a representative or if he is just an enthusiast). My question … Continue reading

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