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  I just finished my first week of 5-a-day (25 bugs) , and it has been fun. specially with finding out I am being ranked. You can check Daniel’s 5-a-day-stats at  Join 5-a-day today…

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Going to school! part 1

Avocating in schools is something I have always been interested in. In my early advocacy work, I visited a school taht was interested in reincorporating some legacy hardware and donating it to less privileged school. I spoke to them about … Continue reading

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MOTU Journey: taking a page from someone’s MOTU log

Initially, I started my MOTU Journey diary or log by reading a series of entries that Jonathan Carter’s had written when he was trying out for MOTU. Many other people have started writing their own plan with hopes of becoming … Continue reading

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Ok I hear ll this talk about five… and i am beginning to connect the dots: 1) The first version of ubuntu I tried and installed was 5.04 (hoary)…. (FIVE) 2) This is LUG RADIO’s fifth season….. (FIVE) 3) Before … Continue reading

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Viva Colombia

Este mensaje es para felicitar al equipo de comunidad local de nuestro país vecino. El equipo de comunidad local de Colombia ya es aprobado. En nombre del equipo comunidad local en Venezuela, felicitaciones a la gente de Colombia. Que esta bien merecida recompenza con sabor a  … Continue reading

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¡Viva Colombia!

  This message is to congratulate our neighboring country’s LoCo team. The Colombian LoCo team is now approved. On behalf of the Venezuelan LoCo team, congratulations to the great people in the Colombian team. May this well deserved commitment-flavored reward encourages more South American … Continue reading

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MOTU Journey Update: My first update… Kipinä

Well, I am happy I could pull it off. I upgraded a package that was a bit abandoned. the version in ubuntu was unsupported by upstream so I tried hard on this one. The application got moved from 0.1.1 to … Continue reading

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