Venezuela goes NO on OOXML

Get the full scoop from Jose´s Blog Post


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Ubuntu enthusiast... need I say more? :)
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5 Responses to Venezuela goes NO on OOXML

  1. Fernando says:

    Efrain el link esta mal pero muy bueno el post. Saludos

  2. Hassan Ibraheem says:

    That’s good news, but fix the link please 🙂

  3. nixternal says:

    That’s it! I am moving to Venezuela. It just seems you all get Free Software better than anyone else. Seeing a lot of great things there. So effie, make sure you have a bedroom ready for me, or at least a closet. A tent in the backyard? 🙂


  4. name says:

    u think u can reduce your head graphic so it doesn’t so up so large in size on planet ubuntu? thanks

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