Ubuntu-ve: 2nd Aniversary Party pics…

Let the pictures do the talking…

the Communty council of ubuntu-ve all together. people from merida, maracaibo, punto fijo, portuguesa, and caracas.

Nathalie gets interviewed for TV… (LOL, she detests public speaking)

the attendees enjoyed themselves

Rafael and Camilo Maned the Ubuntu-ve stand. offering tech support and free cd’s and stickers.

lots of freebies 😀

Cecilia, Andres had a display of machines to show LSTP and also provided installation for the interested.

more pic’s at

Rolando’s pics


Rafael’s pics

Expect a more detailed report on the 2nd Aniverary later today, (I am a bit beat from the 600 km ride)


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3 Responses to Ubuntu-ve: 2nd Aniversary Party pics…

  1. leogg says:

    Felicidades ubuntu-ve, y mis más sinceros deseos de éxito a Santiago en sus nuevas responsabilidades. Ustedes son un equipo que realmente nos marcan la pauta para los demás LoCos hispanos. Adelante hermanos!!

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