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Ubuntu Newcomers? Join “With a Little help” – Ubuntu Open Week Tomorrow

As Jaunty rolls in, a new wave of users land on this side of the fence. This talk is intended for new Ubuntu users who want to have a crash course on who to find help within the community support … Continue reading

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Jaunty MEME: Is it out yet?

Well it is almost release time for Jaunty and you know what that means, I wish I had a dime for evertime people ask the question “Is it out yet?”. and the many repsonses from people in the room are … Continue reading

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Init Health Challenge

Well, I have joined the John P. Health Challenge health challenge (@JohnPoz on twitter). I found out about it via twitter and It looks like it is a goal I can achieve easily. Here are the Rules Almost completely eliminate … Continue reading

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VENTO has logo… PHP porting done…

Well, a couple of weeks back. I decided to clean up some code I had in a drawer somewhere and shape it into a project. It’s name is VENTO and event management system that makes the work a breeze. It … Continue reading

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