Cool LoCo Team Logos…

While browsing through the teams in launchpad, I found some AWESOME Logos that identify our Local Community teams. This definetely made going through each teams launchpad page worthwhile. I would like to share some of them with you. These would look awesome  all in a t-shirt
Ubuntu Jordan

Ubuntu Jordan

Ubuntu Nicaragua

Ubuntu Nicaragua

Ubuntu Mali

Ubuntu Mali

Ubuntu California

Ubuntu California

Ubuntu Hawaii

Ubuntu Hawaii

Ubuntu Nepal

Ubuntu Nepal

Ubuntu Poland

Ubuntu Poland

Ubuntu Panama

Ubuntu Panama

Ubuntu Greece

Ubuntu Greece

And My personal Favorite…

Ubuntu Singapore

Ubuntu Singapore

Does your LoCo team have a Cool Logo, share it in a comment… if not, What are you waiting for?


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Ubuntu enthusiast... need I say more? :)
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18 Responses to Cool LoCo Team Logos…

  1. ethana2 says:

    I’m just doing an Ubuntu logo on the left and a Tango state logo on the right..

    • effiejayx says:

      simple is great too. Many Teams in the USA just have the shape of the state in the ubuntu logo or next to it. some others just. have their state crest and have the ubuntu logo in it.

      • doctormo says:

        You make it sound like that was the boring choice, at least out banner image for MA is more interesting then the launchpad branding. 😀

      • effiejayx says:

        It was not my idea to downplay any cool logos out there. I find it nice that US LoCos take pride in their state colors. simplicity strikes as beautiful too. Sorry If I lend my wording to misunderstood.

  2. Billy says:

    Thanks for the choice 😛

  3. Søren says:

    Danish team:

    it’s the Danish flag in the middle.

  4. effiejayx says:

    the dannish logo is also cool. nice contrast of colors in the middle 😀

  5. Jeff Waugh says:

    Gobsmacked, gobsmacked, that the Ubuntu Australia logo didn’t make your initial list. It is both beautiful and inspired.

  6. turciostc says:

    Efrain you forgot aboit ours hahahah

    Well they are really nice
    But definitely Ubuntu Singapore is super cool

  7. huayra says:

    I like our logo:

    Which basically is composed by the colours of our national flag and the country itself (without Galápagos… we should fix that) in the center.

    Nice initiative Efraín! 🙂

  8. cyberpunkk says:

    y el de mexico?????????’


  9. atr says:

    cybberpunk: no te quejes que españa tampoco tiene xD. eso no puede seguir asi, eehh, abra k ponerse

    un saludo a mejicoo!!!!

  10. dan says:

    how are you gonna leave out ubuntu-florida?!?!?

  11. Jo B says:

    Ubuntu-cm where you at?r logo on the list!

    Can’t find you

  12. Jo B says:

    Ubuntu Cameroon where you at?

    Can’t find your logo in the list!

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