Ubuntu-ve’s 3rd Aniversary

2007 Maracaibo, Venezuela

Maracaibo 2007

2009 Caracas, Venezuela

Caracas 2008

Merida 2009

Merida 2009

Congratulations to David “San Ubento” Hernandez, Leonardo Caballero, Nathalie Colina, Cesar Sevilla, Santiago Zaratem Irais Mejia for making This year’s celebration happen.


About effiejayx

Ubuntu enthusiast... need I say more? :)
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4 Responses to Ubuntu-ve’s 3rd Aniversary

  1. leogg says:

    Felicidades a todos nuestros hermanos ubunteros en Venezuela!!

  2. Shkodran says:

    All the best, and here’s to another successful year!

    By the way, the third photo shows some stunning landscape in the background. (Takes a note to visit Venezuela in the future.)

  3. Jono Bacon says:

    Keep up the great work, folks! 🙂

  4. davidhdz says:

    LOL @ “San Ubento” 😛

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