How do you say “Jams” in your country…

in Venezuela, we say “Caimanera” as in play a sport informally, most of the time in the street. and it can also be applied to play music in a band informally.

I have translated the Jams guide  ( Spanish. . I will also be standing by during the meeting to help out with any questions Spanish participants may have during the meeting this thurday. The email for Jono’s call to participation in the Global Jams has been translated.

Please spread the word in your respective Spanish-peaking LoCo teams, and also please let’s make more efforts to bring our teams in. I know the language barrier is higher, but we can definetely do more too.

No hay excusas, Vamos a darle duro 😀



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5 Responses to How do you say “Jams” in your country…

  1. Nelo says:

    Esto se parece mucho a lo que se hacemos en las reuniones de los PerlMongers.

  2. Jono Bacon says:

    Thanks for the work on this, Effie! 🙂

  3. Pues jugar deportes informalmente en Nicaragua es “perrera” ejemplo “vamos a jugar una perrera de futbol”

  4. dholbach says:

    Nice one, Efrain! 🙂

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