The LoCo Council would like to welcome Ethan Andereson as the new LoCo team Contact for Ubuntu Nebraska LoCo team. He has been introduced by Dave Thacker who served as previous contact. Dave has promissed to stick around to ensure save transitioning of services and for support in the line of duty.

Ethan issued an invitation to all LoCo members and Ubuntu enthusiasts in Nebraska.

Dave Thacker and I are going to meet at the Burger King at 5155 Center Street in Omaha at 6 PM on Thursday, Jun 18th. Fellow Nebraskans, feel free to show up.  [Insert profound statement here.]

Please join Dave and Ethan in this great day for Ubuntu Nebraska.

Best wishes.

Ubuntu Nebraska LoCo Team


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Ubuntu enthusiast... need I say more? :)
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  1. ethana2 says:

    …and that is what I will look like at the meeting.

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