Father’s Day gift…

two-month old Santiago

two-month old Santiago

Well, this father’s day has been awesome. My lovely give brings breakfast to bed and  I have a new son to celebrate it with. My now 7 year old daughter enjoys browsing the web just as me. So I can trully and prodly say I am raising future geeks.

I have been playing a lot with KDE in jaunty. Our Acer Aspire One runs KUBUNTU and it all seems to work smoodly. My daughter demanded her own user in her machine, and she was so pleased to see that she could download themes for the desktop, themes and emoticons for kopete. She is in heaven. I believe this is a crucial and meaningful part of the transition for every new user, Making the desktop your own.

After this I decided to make the full jump to KUBUNTU, it is my true father’s day gift. Don’t get me wrong, I have no complains about GNOME, but KDE is definetey standing out. I had the chance to share with the KDE family in UDS KARMIC and I they simply made some very interesting comments on their vision of the desktop.

Kudos to the KUBUNTU team, for making this father’s day even more special.


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One Response to Father’s Day gift…

  1. nasrullah says:

    very nice baby,she resembles you a lot very cute<3

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