Ubuntu-cl: LoCo Team Contact Change


Ubuntu Chile, one of the first Ubuntu Communities in latin america has a new LoCo Team Contact. Mauricio Peñaloza writes:

Well, after a couple of months as the LoCo Cotact of Ubuntu Chile, i’m very pleased to give the charge in very good hands! Yes, i’m talking about Cristian Barahona (aka cristianvirtual), he’s one of our Council Member, and the most important thing a very good person. I hope he will make a good job with the help of all of us.

The LoCo Council joins Mauricio in welcoming Cristian and wishing Ubuntu-cl the very best.



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2 Responses to Ubuntu-cl: LoCo Team Contact Change

  1. kamus says:

    go cristianvirtual :)!

  2. Miguel Ruiz says:


    Thanks Mauricio for your work and welcome Cristian!


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