Ubuntu Hour in Maracaibo

Ubuntu Hour in Winston Salem – photo: Amber Graner

Attention Maracaibo,

I would like to organize a small informal event
the city to gather the people who use Ubuntu in
Maracaibo. This is a free event and open. The main idea is
share. Ubuntu Hour is celebrated worldwide

* Dress in something related to Ubuntu or have a stiker in your Laptop
* Show what you are doing with ubuntu
* Share ideas and talk about Ubuntu
* Propose ideas to enable more local community-ve in ubuntu
our city

Date: Saturday 18th April
Location: Kepein, Vereda del Lago
Time: 3:30 pm to 4:30 pm

register for the event in the new LoCo Directory event app

If you are in Maracaibo, join us!!!


About effiejayx

Ubuntu enthusiast... need I say more? :)
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5 Responses to Ubuntu Hour in Maracaibo

  1. How about maracuchos who use linux mint?? Are we in??

  2. Don’t forget to add your event here!!:

  3. orlando says:

    Es el sábado “17” o domingo “18”, porque sábado 18 de Abril no existe amigo…

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