Turpial lands in a PPA

El equipo de Ubuntu-ve asked how we could help the development of  Turpial, a lightweight twitter client developed in Venezuela and popular these days. Well, I decided to help by packaging it for Ubuntu, YES MY FIRST PACKAGE FROM SCRATCH, now many  Ubuntu users can have Turpial in a way that can be easily updated through and apt repository.

Turpial is a mircrobloging client for twitter soon for identi.ca that intends to be lightweight and fit all kinds of desktops. It is developed by  Wil Alvarez, Eleazar Meza, Azrael Arocha, José Leonel Subero, Edwind Contreras, William Cabrera, Milton Mazzarri y Héctor Colina. The ppa made available is not an official repository, But I am definitelly thinking of taking Turpial to Ubuntu. Xubuntu could use a lightweight microbloging app.

Installing Turpial from the PPA:

Adding the archive:

sudo add-apt-repository ppa:effie-jayx/turpial


sudo apt-get update

and ready to install Turpial

sudo apt-get install turpial

you can check out the  “Unofficial” PPA  for Turpial en https://launchpad.net/~effie-jayx/+archive/turpial where you will find the source defitintion files and such.

Enjoy Turpial.


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36 Responses to Turpial lands in a PPA

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  4. jldupont says:

    Looking forward to get a Karmic PPA for this. Thanks also for teaching me about the “add-apt-repository” command! Cheers.

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  6. Alex says:

    Hi! Are you developer? Can I help you in translating this app to Russian? Please, write me by e-mail.

    • effiejayx says:

      I am thinking abut contributing with the code, I ma beinging to comment some of the code to see. I am very in touch with the developers. The final 1.0 release shoud happen this weekend and the next big version witll suport translations. So expect russian to land in soon.

  7. Free_alucarD says:

    i translate turpial in italian….i can send it!

    • effiejayx says:

      I have already sent the source package files to the debian maintainer, I am waiting for his. we are woroking on some details like man page and watch files to make it fit for debian.

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  9. Rajmahendra says:

    i just installed its really nice and very useful…

    one question!

    i see some other language completely! 😦 Can i change the application language to English ?

  10. Free_alucarD says:

    🙂 I wish that would communicate my nickname in the program 🙂

    ps. sorry for my basic english…sometimes i use google translate, like today =D

  11. Free_alucarD says:

    i forgot… the auto-login would be useful! it’s boring to click whenever!


  12. Alex says:

    It will be very good if app have Refresh button, auto-login and changing icon on new tweet (such as in Pino twitter client).

    Also, I can’t find sent direct messages.

    Waiting for 1.0 release

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  14. Björn L says:


    Is there some parameter to start the application with english language instead of italian or whatever it is default?

    • effiejayx says:

      hey there, The turpial 1.0 release does not have language support the upcoming 1.6 release will. I am preparing a daily ppa for it since the developers are actively working on it.

      Thanks fro using turpial 😉

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  18. sadiman says:

    ¿tienen pensado hacer un turpial para blackberry?

  19. Hans Konings says:

    My Turpial 1.3.4 comes installed in English by default. I’d like to change this to Spanish, but I don’t see any language option in the Preferences. Any comment/help appreciated.

    • effiejayx says:

      That’s An interesting feature. Shall bring it up to upstream

      • Hans Konings says:

        On the Turpial website I see a Chinese example, suggesting the possibility to change languages as you wish. In the Turpial directory usr/share/locale/ on my computer I notice all the available language files *.mo. What makes English come up as default on installation? The default of the Linux distro? My distro is Ubuntu 10.10 Dutch. But I’d like to have Turpial in Spanish, because Turpial is announced as “tan criollo como la arepa”. 😉 I find it surprising that my issue is not a FAQ.

  20. David says:

    could you please create some packages for ubuntu 11.04 (natty)
    i really like your tool

    • effiejayx says:

      there is a version in the devel ppa of turpial.

      Stable turpial does not support natty and python 2.7 at all. check

      sudo add-apt-repository ppa:effie-jayx/turpial-devel

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