Ubuntu Hour in Maracaibo

The Ubuntu-ve guys in Maracaibo decided to get together and have a great time talking about Ubuntu. We decided to meet up at Kepen, a tea house in the most iconic park the City, Vereda del Lago. I talked about some of the activities we could do, and how we as Ubuntu users could do to offer more support and have more members involved in our city, have more people involved in community work which is not always easy.

As Cesar Sevilla reports, we are planning to begin regular meet-ups focused on learning together about helping out in ubuntu development. Small Jams to learn together. Fundacite Zulia is willing to offer some spaces for us to meet up and practice our skills together.

The Ubuntu Hour in Maracaibo is going to happen every 3rd Saturday of every month. We hope to have more people join us as we discuss all things Ubuntu in Maracaibo.

Special thanks to the attendants, Jorge, Ailin, Irais, Cesar, Edgar and Rosana. Nice Ubuntu hang out 😀


About effiejayx

Ubuntu enthusiast... need I say more? :)
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3 Responses to Ubuntu Hour in Maracaibo

  1. No aceptan a gente que usa Mint???? Es casi lo mismo, pero verde.

    • effiejayx says:

      Si, y ya he contestado esa pregunta. Mint como derivativa de ubuntu es chevere. De hecho a las reuniones viene gente que usa slackware y otras distros. No preguntes mucho y solo Asiste 😀

  2. daas88 says:

    Cuando y donde es la proxima y a q hora? 😛

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